July 29, 2023

Thank: Dead Dog In A Ditch

Leeds based noisy garage punk rockers Thank go all out on Dead Dog In A Ditch, a continuation of the band's longtime fascination with human cruelty and stupidity. Singer and guitarist Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe explains: "Writing this tune I asked myself two questions: 1) How many other good lyrics does this song need in order to justify repeating the fun alliterative phrase "dead dog in a ditch" a whole bunch of times? 2) What if 'Let's Find A Cop' by Whatever Brains and 'Keep Those Bristles Clean And Closed' by Jeromes Dream were the same song?"

Cramming all of that into a two minutes and change song was a challenge, but with avant-metal legend Steve Myles on drums keeping everybody on his toes they made it just in time. The video was shot by Aeris Houlihan.

Dead Dog In A Ditch is released via Zen F.C (vinyl, digital) as part of a double A-side single.

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