July 17, 2023

James Sardone: Colors

James Sardone has been singing and playing guitar in a lot of indie bands - Brickbat, Burnley Brothers, The Jimmy Nations Combo, Loose Jets - but now he is coming into his own as a solo artist. His new EP Colors finds him exploring different moods. The Wilmington, North Carolina based musician has a soft spot for English bands like Echo and the Bunnymen and their sound is all over the melancholic Colors Of Your Brain and his cover of Blondie's Dreaming - he slowed it down quite a bit, thus making it a sad song as opposed to the disco approach of the original. His urge to rock out gets an opportunity to shine in Life of Love, with a walking bass line as an added bonus.

On the flip-side of the vinyl, there is room for two danceable remixes, courtesy of indie R'n'B duo De La Noche. Robert Rogan and Brian Weeks came up with a radio edit that is aimed at adventurous DJ's with a short attention span. The full version is a classic old school 12" remix that keeps going for 11 minutes without running out of steam.

James Sardone: Colors

Colors will be released via Fort Lowell Records (vinyl - limited edition of 100 copies, digital). Release date: July 21.

  1. Colors Of Your Brain
  2. Life of Love
  3. Dreaming
  4. Colors Of Your Brain (De La Noche Remix; Radio Edit)
  5. Colors Of Your Brain (De La Noche Remix)

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