July 09, 2023

Cult Trexy: Head High

Cult Trexy

Cheltenham is a city that is known for its Regency architecture and being host to tons of high brow cultural festivals. It is also home to Cult Trexy, a heavy metal/ nu-core/ punk band set on letting the world know that there is also a vibrant underground music scene, wherein anger supersedes well-behaved dressing up and banter.

Their new single Head High is a harsh call-to-arms, with an almost orchestral keyboards part leading up to Rage Against The Machine-inspired mix of screaming and spoken word. This is the king of noise that most visitors of the Cotswolds would have not signed up for, but it is really refreshing to say the least.

Head High is released via Cult Records.

» beacons.ai/culttrexy

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