July 11, 2023

BBC6: The Rise and Fall of Britpop podcast

BBC6 has shared the first four episodes of 8-part podcast about The Rise and Fall of Britpop to commemorate the 30th anniversary. Listeners have to confirm that they are over 16, because of swearing and such. And get past a PG lock screen. Auntie is turning into a prude again. On the upside: it is a rather good revaluation of Cool Britannia and its soundtrack. Here is the blurb for Episode 1 - Oh Well Whatever, Nevermind: The Birth of Britpop:

What was life like before Britpop? Join Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley as they rewind the tape to hear how the UK sounded at the start of the 90’s.

Britpop emerged at a very specific time in British History, recession and war had dominated the headlines, the Iron Lady left Downing Street for the final time and the UK’s music scene was fractured. Rave was still in relatively rude health, terrifying the tabloids and the parents of teenagers, Morrissey had felt the wrath of music fans after appearing on stage in a Union Jack, and the Manic Street Preachers were bringing their own unique blend of rock n roll to the world. But there was one genre that dominated the airwaves and co-opted the ears of the UKs Youth... Grunge.

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