June 20, 2023

Roger Goula: Ecosystems

Roger Goula

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Roger Goula makes a living scoring films and writing music for TV and theatre. His cinematic, neo-classical approach has spilled over to his output as a recording artist. On his second album Ecosystems he makes a plea without words to take good care of the world and all life forms on it. Becoming a father made him realise how fragile and beautiful new-born life is. Before he knew it he had written Gift about that life-changing event and that composition became the launch pad for a series of pieces about balance and harmony, and how everything is connected.

It could have turned into a cumbersome New Age record, but Goula has successfully avoided all the clich├ęs and pitfalls, often doing so by inserting harsh, distorted synth flourishes or a pulsating back beat as counterpoints for the overall gentle flow, a modus operandi that reaches a peak during Broken Harmony. By careful use tension and release Ecosystems has an urgency that will make the listener sit up and take notice. It should be enjoyed as a whole as an immersive experience, with only short pause that might be needed to flip the record.

Roger Goula: Ecosystems

Ecosystems is released via Cognitive Shift Recordings (vinyl, digital).

  1. Gift
  2. Symbiosis
  3. Broken Harmony
  4. Perfect Balance
  5. Embodied
  6. Relational Beings
  7. Intra-Actions
  8. Everything Is In Everything
  9. Becoming One

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