June 10, 2023

Hallan: The Noise Of A Firing Gun

photo: Will Hutchinson

Portsmouth electronics infused post-punk quartet Hallan sing about violence and war on their new The Noise Of A Firing Gun EP. Unwomanly Face Of War was inspired by Svetlana Alexievich's debut novel for their fast-paced new single, in which she describes the horrors women were facing in the Second World War when they were called up to fight. The Colline Gate tells the tale of the Vestal Virgins who did not play by the rules in Ancient Rome. Religion is fun, right.

Cut With The Kitchen Knife is closer to home, taking a swipe at domestic violence. The final track Sisyphus, with its a wall of distorted guitars and accusing spoken word, deals with the futility of a senseless task and the stubborness or even stupidity of persisting at it. The Noise Of A Firing Gun is pretty bleak, but they their mix of The Cure and The Sisters of Mercy meeting Henry Rollins will get a rise out of a live audience, because it is a call to arms to make a change that they can dance too.

Conor Clements: vocals
Joshua Tweedale: bass
Joshua Ransley: guitar
Adam Mills: drums

Hallan: The Noise Of A Firing Gun

The Noise Of A Firing Gun is released via Nice Swan Records. It is available on all the usual streaming services. A limited vinyl version (300 copies) will be released on July 21,

  1. Unwomanly Face of War
  2. The Colline Gate
  3. Cut With The Kitchen Knife
  4. Sisyphus

  • 07/06 Right To Roam, Bolton, UK
  • 07/23 Life in Death Festival, Southampton, UK
  • 08/24 Nox Orae, La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland
  • 09/10 Misty Fields, Heusden, The Netherlands
  • 10/14 Beyond The Music Conference, Manchester, UK

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