June 03, 2023

Gov't Mule: "Make My Peace" from new album "Peace...Like A River"

Blues rock quartet Gov't Mule will release their new album Peace...Like A River on June 16. They have released the sprawling Make My Peace as another taste of what's to come. Singer and guitarist Warren Haynes:

Made My Peace is one of the first songs we recorded for this new album and portrays the most Beatles influence we’ve ever utilized on a recording. It deals with a lot of different aspects of what we’ve all gone through. It touches on the emotions I was having to get past with the loss of my dad, who was an extremely important figure in my life. There are several songs that reflect on loss, but more in a way of making the future count. Taking the rest of your life and looking at it with a fresher, more aggressively positive attitude.

All tracks were recorded during the sessions for their previous album Heavy Load Blues in 2021 @ The Power Station in Waterford, Connecticut. They used separate rooms, gear and instruments to make sure they got a different overall sound. The album is available for pre-order here.

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