June 25, 2023

Duo Decad: the twelfth hour

Duo Decad

Ecletic electronics outfit Duo Decad is a transatlantic collaboration between former Able Archer singer Emmet McCaughey (Dublin) and Mark Casey (Chicago). With their shared love for 80s music, they go in at the deep end on their debut album the twelfth hour, a collection of songs about getting older, love, loss and, trying to cope.

With choice elements from post-punk, new wave and synth-pop, McCaughey and Casey offer a fine collection of melancholic yet hopeful songs. They are out of step with what is popular right now, but in the long run they have far better change that their music will stand the test time. Good melodies have a tendency to age well and there are plenty of them to be found on this album.

Duo Decad: the twelfth hour

the twelfth hour is a self-released album.

  1. Lay It On Me
  2. A Little Bit of Love
  3. Snow of 82
  4. All This Time
  5. The Road of I
  6. We Got It All Worked Out
  7. Statica
  8. Broken Town

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