May 14, 2023

Vanity Mirror: PUFF

photo: Mat Dunlap

LA based retro-baroque pop duo Vanity Mirror channel the late '60s on their debut album, PUFF, using nylon string guitars and a Mellotron like they are going out of style. Singer Brent Randall (Gentle Brent, Electric Looking Glass) and percussionist Johnny Toomey (The Turns, Electric Looking Glass) obviously are in love with the Kinks and the bands of the Canterbury scene. They have added a bit of US West Coast melodicism to the mix to create a bunch of lo-fi songs that sound great.

With self-deprecating lyrics (How I Learned Something Worth Knowing, Talkin Walkie-Talkie Rice Crispies Blues) sitting comfortably next to longing for love songs ((I First Saw You There on) Tinpot Lane, Dandelion Wish, Somehow You Know) they have provided the soundtrack for a glorious Spring day.

Vanity Mirror: PUFF

PUFF is released via We Are Busy Bodies (vinyl, digital).

  1. (I First Saw You There on) Tinpot Lane
  2. Tuesday's News
  3. Girl Feeding A Swan
  4. Dandelion Wish
  5. How I Learned Something Worth Knowing
  6. A Fool With An Applecart
  7. Somehow You Know
  8. Look At The Clouds
  9. Talkin Walkie-Talkie Rice Crispies Blues
  10. Happily Ever After

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