May 18, 2023

Special Friend: Selkie

French-American folk duo Special Friend sing about a mythical creature that can shed its sking and become human. Accoring to Celtic and Norse folk tales a Selkie is a seal who swims to the beach to transform into a beautiful woman. The catch: people knick or destroy the discarded skin, thus preventing the creature to return to its original form. So what does this all mean? First: mankind has a gift for dreaming up tales that end badly. Second: mankind can't handle persons that are supposedly different, even when they have made them up.

Erica Ashleson and Guillaume Siracusa. use the true-and-tried indie folk idiom to create a decidedly sad folk song, with repetitive guitar and percussion, using strings and distorted electric guitar to spice things up.

Selkie is a track from their forthcoming new album Wait Until the Flames Come Rushing in, scheduled for release on June 27 via Skepwax Records (UK), Howlin Banana Records (France) and Hidden Bay Records (France).

Live date:
  • 06/30 London,, UK @ The Lexington
    (album release show w/ Panic Pocket and Swansea Sound)

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