May 19, 2023

Godsticks: This Is What A Winner Looks Like

Welsh heavy prog rock band Godsticks reach a new level of intensity on their new album This Is What A Winner Looks Like, playing like all the bottled energy that they amassed during the pandemic finally has found a way out. The band's singer and main songwriter Darran Charles started writing again after the restrictions had been lifted, and while some of the anxiety of the lockdown found its way into the lyrics - This Is My New Normal - the main themes of the album deal with politics and finding one's bearings again in a relationship (If I Don't Take It All, Don't Say A Word To Me).

Godsticks always have been a serious bunch, who not just settle for creating a well-crafted rock sound, but also are adamant to teach their audience something as well. Case in point: led single lead Mayhem. The song is pushed forward by a powerful dissonant chord serving as the solid foundation for a the tale about John Frost leading a large-scale armed rebellion by the Chartists on 4 November 1839 at the Westgate Hotel in Newport.

With its plethora of chopped riffs and flawlessly exexcuted challenging time signatures, the band is ready to go out on the road again and get the well-deserved respect form both musos and metal heads for bringing art to the heavy rock scene.

This Is What A Winner Looks Like will be released on May 26th via Kscope (vinyl, CD, digital). Pre-orders from the band’s store get a bonus 3 track CD titled Crushed. Kscope store Pre-orders will also receive the bonus 3 track CD as well as a signed postcard. The album is available for pre-order here.

  1. If I Don't Take It All
  2. Eliminate and Repair
  3. This Is My New Normal
  4. Devotion Made To Offend
  5. Silent Saw
  6. Throne
  7. Don't Say A Word To Me
  8. Mayhem
  9. Lying
  10. Wake Up

UK live dates:
  • 06/22 Cardiff @ Fuel
  • 06/23 London @ Camden Assembly
  • 06/24 Newcastle @ The Cluny 2
  • 06/25 Edinburgh @ Legends


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