May 05, 2023

Bart Ryan: Messenger

Nashville based bluesy country singer and guitarist Bart Ryan is preaching to the converted on his new album Messenger. People need to be good - most of them are - in order to get the upperhand on those who want to fuck things up. With drummer Jim Evans and bass player Jeff Legore having his back he went for no-frills approach, ticking all the boxes of the Americana niche.

It all sounds fine and dandy. There is plenty of energy, well-executed middle-eights acting as breathers, and backing vocalists Kacee Clanton and Lindsey Ellis adding a seasoning of borderline gospel. However, the album lacks urgency, as if Ryan trying is still trying to get away from his session work as a sideman.

Bart Ryan: Messenger

Messenger is a self-released album.

  1. One World
  2. Street Corner Angel
  3. I Am a King
  4. The Ballad of the Lizard and the Frog
  5. Wanna Be
  6. The Healer
  7. Stronger Still
  8. Working On A dream
  9. Who Do you Think You Are
  10. All Go Home

Live dates:
  • 05/06 Cafe ’t Hoekje, Drachten, Netherlands
  • 05/07 Lokaal 42, Helmond, Netherlands
  • 05/11 Leikedeeler, Verden, Germany
  • 05/12 Onassis, Visselhövede, Germany
  • 05/13 Petra Palast Lounge, Thedinghausen, Germany
  • 05/14 Herman’s Glashouse, Nordhorn, Germany
  • 05/15 Cowboy and Indianer, Hamburg, Germany
  • 05/16 Cowboy and Indianer, Hamburg, Germany
  • 05/17 Paddy O’Ryan, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
  • 05/19 Stadsherberg Helsdeur, Germanyn Helder, Netherlands
  • 05/20 Greene’s Pub, Gutersloh, Germany
  • 05/21 Taverne De Waag, Haarlem, Netherlands
  • 05/22 De Floeren Aap, Mechelen, Belgium
  • 05/23 Blues Club The Lane, Middelburg, Netherlands
  • 05/25 L’Atelier du Renard, St. Avold, France
  • 05/26 Le Carre Mauve, Forbach, France
  • 05/27 Le Bar’b’art, St. Avoid, France
  • 05/28 Blues Maastricht Rock Passions, Maastricht, Netherlands


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