April 26, 2023

Hallan: The Colline Gate

photo: Will Hutchinson

Portsmouth post-punk quartet Hallan sing about the horrible fate that befell Vestal Virgins who did not play by the rules in Ancient Rome. They were buried alive beneath The Colline Gate, another fine example what religion can revert to if challenged. The pulsating, onminous bass line pushes the song forward.

The Colline Gate is released via Nice Swan Records. It is track from their new EP The Noise Of A Firing Gun, due for release on June 2nd. The video was made by Libby Anderson.

Live dates:
  • 05/13 The Great Escape Festival, Brighton, UK
  • 05/13 Awakening, St John’s Church, Gosport, UK
  • 05/20 Get Together Festival, Sheffield, UK
  • 07/06 Right To Roam, Bolton, UK
  • 07/23 Life in Death Festival, Southampton, UK
  • 08/24 Nox Orae, Switzerland
  • 09/10 Misty Fields Festival, The Netherlands

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