April 02, 2023

Friendly Rich: Man Out of Time

photo: Jim Tobin

Canadian musician Friendly Rich has an answer to what folk music would sound like after Tom Waits and Frank Zappa had worked their magic on the genre. Man Out of Time is an apt title for an album that goes against the grain, with dissonants, grumbling vocals in both English and French, and instruments going slightly nuts.

It is filled to the rafters with blink-and-you'll-miss-them, ranging from Marc Bolan to Serge Gainsbourg to country-tinged vaudeville. One moment the listener thinks that he is cruising down to the highway on a glorious Summer day, the next it gets pretty dark and madness is in within reach. It can be intense, it can be silly, but it is all delivered with gravitas and sincerity. Man Out of Time is a rollercoaster ride without safety regulations.

Brian Poole: voice on 5
Sly Juhas: drums on 1, 4 and 5
Christine Duncan: voice on 14
Dave Clark: drums on 7 and 9
David Sait: guzheng on 16
Drew Jurecka: strings on 2, 3, 6, 7, 13; bandoneon on 2; bass clarinet on 6
Michael Herring: bass on 7 and 9
Michael Ward Bergeman: accordion on 9
Mike T. Kerr: guitar on 2, 3, 7, and 13
Nichol S. Robertson: guitar on 8 and 12
Joan Smith: voice on 4
Kevin Breit: guitar, mandolin on 1, 9, 10, 15
Rebecca Hennessy: trumpet on 1, 9 / voice on 9
Tom Juhas: guitar, voice & bass on 4, guitar & kalimba on 11

Friendly Rich: Man Out of Time

Man Out of Time is released via his own label The Pumpkin Pie Corporation and We Are Busy Bodies.(vinyl, digital)./p> Tracks:

  1. Man Out Of Time
  2. Moi Mes Souliers
  3. P'tit Bonheur
  4. Killdozer
  5. Kiddos and Doggos
  6. Wheels, You've Got Strong Legs
  7. Notre Sentier
  8. Alone On This Bus
  9. Salvation Mountain
  10. Fluffy Clouds
  11. Fomo Yodo
  12. Mother of Tongues
  13. Bozo
  14. Orca Whale
  15. A Reasonable Man
  16. Thanks For All The Fish

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