April 07, 2023

Dom La Lena: Leon

Dom La Lena
photo: Jeremiah

Brazilian cellist Dom La Lena, stage name of Dominique Pinto, laid down the tracks for her new album Leon in a flurry of concentrated inspiration in just two weeks. That is no small feat considering the rich textures and diverse sonic imagery. Named after her instrument's nick name she has found a way to transfer her emotions into music, from the sadness of Last Day on which she accompanies herself to set up a dialogue, to the melancholic 2022 and the stunning, on-point elegance of Arabesque.

La Lena has a tone that sets apart from other players, with a hint of jazz that even finds its way into Valse, her most straightforward composition. If need be, tasteful backing vocals are added as an extra, comfortable layer - it will strike a chord with fans of Zbigniew Preisner and Nino Rota. Plenty of musical references and Easter Eggs too, with the nod to Yesterday in Dulac hiding in plain sight.

Dom La Lena: Leon

Leon is released via Sabia Records (vinyl, digital).

  1. Universo
  2. Dulac
  3. Tempora
  4. Last Day
  5. 2022
  6. Arabesque
  7. Valse
  8. Pausa
  9. Février
  10. Longe

Live dates:
  • 04/18 Cully, France @ Cully Jazz
  • 04/19 Cully, France @ Cully Jazz
  • 04/28 Limoges, France @ Espace Culturel Simone Veil
  • 05/03 Saint Nazaire, France @ Théâtre Jean Bart
  • 05/04 Bain de Bretagne, France @ Cinéma Le Scénario
  • 05/09 Ernstein, France @ Musée Wurth
  • 05/19 Lignières, France @ Les Bains Douches
  • 05/26 Artigues, France @ Le Cuvier de Feydeau
  • 05/26 Artigues, France @ Le Cuvier de Feydeau
  • 05/31 Saintes, France @ Abbaye aux Dames
  • 06/07 Paris, France @ Théâtre de l'Athénée
  • 06/12 L'Aigle, France @ Manufacture Bohin
  • 06/13 Saint Hilaire de Riez, France @ La Balise
  • 06/27 Niort, France @ Jazz à Niort
  • 07/21 Mouans Sartoux, France @ Nuits Estivales du Château
  • 07/22 Thomery, France @ Château Rosa Bonheur

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