April 15, 2023

Avery Plains: Signed J.C.

Avery Plains

Dutch rock band Avery Plains are in for the long haul with Signed J.C., the A-side from their new 10". With a running time nearly 13 minutes they have ample opportunity to explore the depths of psychedelic and noise rock. In a day and age where intros are a frowned upon by the streaming algorithms is quite refreshing to hear a band taking its time to lay the foundations for a song that tells a story through both words and music.

B-side One Dead Family is totally different: a catchy tune, firmly rooted in garage rock leanings, with a few well-placed dissonants on top of rumbling back beat that can switch seamlessly between different tempos to allow the guitars to do their howling bits. Bass players will appreciate the short vocals-and-bass only interlude.

 Avery Plains: Signed JC

Avery Plains:
Kay Tsjassing: bass, vocals
John Krol: guitar
Jurgen Veenstra: guitar, vocals
Michel Weber: drums, vocals

Signed J.C. is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. The 10" will presented with a Record Store Day (April 22) in-store show in their home town Groningen @ Plato (16:30).

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