March 04, 2023

HCTF premiere - The Rishis: Holiday

At the core of alt-folk collective The Rishis is the duo of Ranjan Avasthi and Sofie Lute, but for the recording of their new album August Moon (vinyl, CD, digital on April 21 via Cloud Recordings and Elephant 6) they have grown into an octet by inviting their friends from the Athens, GA indie music scene. The new single Holiday is a 101 for acoustic and slide guitars having the back for top-shelf vocal harmonizing and subtle percussion, with a lonesome clarinet as a guiding light to bring it home.

Avasthi and Lute have weaven a multi-coloured musical tapestry with the help Scott Spillane (Neutral Milk Hotel), John Kiran Fernades (Olivia Tremor Control), Andrew Rieger (Elf Power), James Huggins III (Of Montreal), Andy Gonzalez(Marshmallow Coast), Peter Alvanos (Elf Power), Lucy Calhoun (Black Swan Network), Todd Kelly (Great Lakes, Phosphorescent), and Wild Rumpus founder Timi Conle. Also kudos to co-producer Chris Byron for making it sounding great.

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