March 31, 2023

Slumbercloud: Human Problem

photo: Laurens Kloosterman

Dutch quartet Slumbercloud peddle old school grunge with a side order of psychedelic rock on their debut EP Human Problem. Based in Groningen, the go-to city for loud in-your-face music right now, they write songs about things that are close to their hearts: mental health crises, war, environmentalism, and of course the housing crisis in their province - a shitload of earthquakes as a result of extensive natural gas exploitation has caused millions worth of damage.

Fronted by a former Seattle native Paddy Moran and grounded by the adventurous bass player Andrea Scifo the band have recorded a bold statement that will put them on the map of the rock underground. Anger and anxiety can serve as a launchpad for recognition far beyond their home turf.

Paddy Moran: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Marijn Post: lead guitar, backing vocals
Andrea Scifo: bass, backing vocals
Pieter Schwartz: drums, backing vocals

Slumbercloud: Human Problem

Human Problem is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. At Arm's Reach
  2. Meant for Nothing
  3. For Sale
  4. Imaginary Lines
  5. Life on Fire

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