March 25, 2023

Jumble Hole Clough: Don't Say Nowt (and other dreams)

English avant-garde musician Colin Robinson has been amassing new material for his one-man project Jumble Hole Clough. Don't Say Nowt (and other dreams) is the first of a trilogy of albums. On this one all tracks are documenting his dreams. It allows go all out with off-kilter blues Here Come The Bears! and pay a visit to Basingstoke and Legoland within the space of less than two-and-half minutes. His low, grumbling vocals are swathed in distorted guitar, eerie keyboards and pounding percussion.

Lyrically, he is all over the place, as if he was struggling to keep notes what he was dreaming about. Then again he manages to make sense the rather troubling sight of a guy opening the trunk of his car to stash the gear of the Old Bill in You're filling the back of my car with riot shields or the upside of a stay at Hotel Death of Sausage Soul. Robinson is always up for throwing a spanner in the works, just as the listener is getting comfortable. Rhythmic shifts galore, field recordings, anything to keep himself amused and the outside world slightly baffled. The next two albums will be generative/aleatoric and ambient. Once the project is done, they should be enjoyed as a Gesamtkunstwerk.

Jumble Hole Clough: Don't Say Nowt (and other dreams)

Don't Say Nowt (and other dreams) is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from his website.

  1. Here Come The Bears!
  2. A Bren Gun and a Submarine
  3. Friday 13th Part 11 - Let's Wriggle
  4. You're filling the back of my car with riot shields
  5. Workers' Playtime
  6. Basingstoke and Legoland
  7. Inside Slaithwaite
  8. Her mouth was full of flies
  9. Hotel Death of Sausage Soul
  10. I am bequeathed a sealed wooden box
  11. Sunbeam Karrier
  12. How often do aeroplanes fall on houses?
  13. The room was full of puppets
  14. Mytholmroyd Rock City
  15. Westward Ho!

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