March 11, 2023

infinitikiss: ambient music

photo: Megan Elger

Nic Jenkins, the man behind the infinitikiss project, is into chakras and energetic vibrations, but his new album ambient music can be enjoyed without going full-on New Age or some such. It is a sonic journey at a leisurely pace, with Jenkins exploring the possibilities of a particular key and tuning in each track, thereby creating a flow of shifting frequencies that are linked seamlessly.

This is not an album to get a party going, but it will do well as comedown and/or relaxing music. Diving deep into his world should be done solo in order to fully appreciate the textures and tidbits he has sprinkled on top. Fans of David Sylvian, Brian Eno, and Gia Margaret will love it.

infinitikiss: ambient music

ambient music is released via Fort Lowell Records (limited green vinyl, digital).

  1. drinking cherry hibiscus tea at a stop light at sunset
  2. the smell of burnt turmeric
  3. floating through holographic desert waves
  4. and a wish for chamomile pillows after a lemon bath
  5. in the same vibration that pothos green grows
  6. or the minty jade of ginkos
  7. while matcha clouds are raining
  8. tears of happy mermaids
  9. in the same shade of what blue jeans are made
  10. from a lavender halo we are projecting ourselves

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