March 08, 2023

Heavenly: "Le Jardin de Heavenly" reissue

photo: Duglas Stewart

All four studio albums by jangly indie pop band Heavenly are being reissued. The band's second album Le Jardin de Heavenly will be availbable on May 12. The originals are still in high demand among the cognoscenti of superb melodic pop with an edge. Fabled DJ John Peel liked them a lot and they recorded two sessions for his radio show, both of which were released on 7" EPs last year. They disbanded in 1996 after tragedy had struck: drummer Mathew Fletcher took his own life.

Le Jardin de Heavenly is available for pre-order here. The re-issue includes Heavenly's third Sarah Records single (So Little Deserve b/w I'm Not Scared Of You) and a single released on K Records only (She Says b/w Escort Crash On Marston Street).

Side A:
  1. Starshy
  2. Tool
  3. Orange Corduroy Dress
  4. Different Day
  5. C Is The Heavenly Option
  6. Smile
Side B:
  1. And The Birds Aren’t Singing
  2. Sort of Mine
  3. So Little Deserve
  4. I’m Not Scared Of You
  5. She Says
  6. Escort Crash On Marston Street

The band will perform their first shows in 28 years, which will be a very special events indeed. Ian Button (Papernut Cambridge, Swansea Sound) will be drummer. £1 from each ticket sale will be donated to Grassroots Suicide Prevention. Both shows are sold out. There is a waiting list, so you might lucky when people can't make it.

Live date:

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