March 13, 2023

Chris Church: Radio Transient

North Carolina based pop rocker Chris Church has found a way to mix the smooth Californian sound with the grit of Neil Young On his latest album Radio Transient, a 101 for laid-back pop with a bite. He knows how to cut to the chase and grab the listener's attention with a toe-tapping backbeat, radio-friendly lead guitar and synths, but his way with words and left-of-the-dial middle eights are what makes him special, and set him apart from the competition.

Church mainly writes about relationships, especially the ones that end badly -a well that never runs dry. It is a safe choice, but also a tough one, because it means that a subject that has been covered ad nauseam has to be cut down to its core in order to find a new approach. He passes with flying colours and he has created an album that should be played with the top down on a sunny day on a highway of your choice.

Chris Church: lead and background vocals, guitars, bass guitar, synth, keys, percussion. Nick Bertling: drums
. Lindsay Murray: Backing vocals
Bill Lloyd: lead guitar solo on "One More Chance To Get Over You"

Chris Church: Radio Transient

Radio Transient is released via Big Stir Records (CD, digital). Release date: March 24.

  1. GCRT
  2. Going 'Til We Go
  3. I Don't Wanna Dance With Me
  4. One More Chance To Get Over You
  5. I Think I Think I Like You
  6. Already In It
  7. Over And Out
  8. Gotta Go, Gotta Ramble
  9. Far Too Late
  10. Flip

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