February 08, 2023

Silk Cut: Our Place in the Stars

Silk Cut

Auckland indie pop band Silk Cut sound they have been sitting on the shelf in a controlled environment. Their first full-length Our Place in the Stars mixes the sound of the late '60s and early '70s psych-pop with a bit of '90s shoegaze. They take it easy, relying on jangling guitars to carry the weight of the melody, propped up by a tight rhythm section. This works best when they stretch out a bit, like they do with the melancholic Try and Find a Time We Belong, which includes a lengthy instrumental break, and the haunting Forever Unknown, a pocket horror story told by sparse lyrics and progressive guitar motifs.

The quartet are quite comfortable in their niche. They are decades late to trouble the charts, but word-of-mouth will get them worldwide recognition anyway, albeit in small numbers. They should consider releasing Our Place in the Stars on vinyl. Serious music lovers will want to own this album in a tangible format. Recommended if you like It's Karma, It's Cool and The Foreign Films,

Silk Cut:
Andrew Thorne: vocals, guitar
Jayden Lee: drums
Justin Mclean: guitar, backing vocals
Aidan Phillips: bass, backing vocals

Silk Cut: Our Place in the Stars

Our Place in the Stars is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. Release date: February 20.

  1. A Very Special Life
  2. I Remember the Winter
  3. Try and Find a Time We Belong
  4. Manta Ray
  5. Forever Unknown
  6. Dream On With Me
  7. Drive For You
  8. Mountain Under the Sea
  9. The Sweeney

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