February 06, 2023

L.T. Leif: Come Back To Me, But Lightly

L.T. Leif

Canadian musician L.T. Leif feels at home in Scotland. After being a member of orchestral pop band The Consonant C., making a racket with Bug Incision, going punk with OK JAZZ, and playing the drums for a couple of slacker rock acts, she took a sharp left and was welcomed into the DIY scene in Glasgow. Her new album Come Back To Me, But Lightly is filled with dreamy songs about walking through the hills and appreciating the wonders of nature, getting away from a world wherein consumerism reigns supreme.

Leif is in control, using her impressive vocal range as the focal point, guiding her musical collaborators Clea Anaïs, Bill Wells, Matt Swann, Clarissa Cheong and Bart Owl (eagleowls ), Faith Eliott and Mark Hamilton (Woodpigeon) through her meandering compositions. It is an amalgam of avant-folk, dream pop and a touch of tinkling synth pop, creating a tapestry of sounds that show their colours in a relaxed and captivating way.

L.T. Leif: Come Back To Me, But Lightly

Come Back To Me, But Lightly is released via Lost Map Records (vinyl, digital).

  1. Gentle Moon
  2. No Birds
  3. Quail's Egg
  4. Taste Of Elastic
  5. Synesthetics
  6. Fish Walk
  7. Pass Back Through
  8. Bright Room Reprise
  9. Yr Name
  10. Sign On The Window
  11. The Brightest Part Of The Room

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