February 25, 2023

Johnny Dowd: Johnny's tunes for Special Occasions

photo: Kat Dalton

Johnny Dowd has rounded up 5 of his recent singles for an EP. Johnny's tunes for Special Occasions will offer comfort to anyone who has fucked up in a relationship or otherwise.

These five warts and all recordings were captured on a shoestring budget, but they hit the spot. His dark sense of humour - "I offered a glass of water to a woman who was about to drown, but the best of my good intentions came back and bit me like a dog" - will be a red flag for the narrowminded, but there is no denying that sarcasm is great way to stay sane when the shit hits the fan.

Johnny's tunes for Special Occasions is a self-released EP. Buy it from his website.

  1. Sorry
  2. Shook Up (Halloween)
  3. Up the Rat's Ass (April Fool's)
  4. Mystery Woman (Valentine's Day)
  5. Where Is My Mother

Live dates:
  • 03/03 Ithaca, NY @ The Downstairs
  • 06/xx Washington, DC @ Lucky Penny (exact date TBA)
  • 06/21 Hector, NY @ Stone Cat Cafe
  • 07/16 Ithaca, NY @ Music at the Market

» johnnydowd.com

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