February 20, 2023

Ariel Skye: Meanstreak

Los Angeles based singer Ariel Skye tackles thorny subjects like love and lust on her new EP Meanstreak. She looks back on one-night stands and the trouble she got into as a consequence. Skye navigates between rock and easy-on-the-ears jazz, but no matter what genre she picks for a song, her vocal delivery is always smack in the middle of the mix. They are all originals, although the intro Bang Bang might get the listener on the wrong foot, but Venus in Furs has zero musical similarities with The Velvet Underground classic.

Meanstreak is an EP about getting even, or preferable getting the upper hand. Casual sex can be fulfilling, but it did get her nowhere in the long run. Regret, anger, and lust are competing for place in the spotlights as the main emotion. Skye has taken a scalpel to her emotions to uncover some meaning in it all. Was it all worth it? That's a good question, but the jury is still out on that one. In the meantime, she has tapped into a well of adventures that will keep on giving for more songs in the similar vein, which might be bad news for the people she slept with, but good news for fans of melodic songs that pack a punch.

Meanstreak is available on all the usual digital outlets.

  1. Bang Bang
  2. Meanstreak
  3. For Now
  4. Sugardaddy
  5. Venus in Furs

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