January 26, 2023

Victoria Wijeratne: Graces & Muses

photo: Francesco Montaguti

British composer Victoria Wijeratne makes a living writing for film and television, so it is no wonder that she canconjure up her own images on Graces & Muses, being freed from the boundaries that are set by made-to-order music for the very first time. She played all the instruments, using neo-classical elements, electronic drones, and sound effects.

The four tracks are miniatures that sound longer than they actually are. Wijeratne is highly economical and always finds the middle ground between roaming free and keeping it tight. It is as if she is following an unmarked path leading to her destination. Fellow travellers spoken word artist Kadeem Speaks Jeudy and singer-songwriter Rita Niemba join her for a leisurely stroll through her imaginary landscapes.

Victoria Wijeratne: Graces & Muses

Graces & Muses is a released via Dragon's Eye Recordings. Release date: February 3.

  1. Graces & Muses
  2. A Strange Time
  3. Glamour of The Sun (feat. Kadeem Speaks Jeudy)
  4. Above & Beyond (feat. Rita Niemba)

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