January 27, 2023

Tuff Sunshine: Elevator Eyes

Brooklyn based musician Johnny Leitera finds himself in the bit of a bind on Elevator Eyes, the new single by is one-man project Tuff Sunshine. It is comprised of parts honky-tonk, some late night jazz, and dingy rock club fare plus a healthy dose of clashing chords to keep the listener on his toes (and a false ending thrown in to top it off). He never raises his voice as he shares an off-kilter example of self-realization of the song's protagonist that is pretty weird: "you can say my words are rubbish or not vetted in a way // that makes sense to one who jetted from a small town in PA // but if you can’t see the other side a river’s the ocean in a way // so thrash the chaff and be content to kick your feet of clay".

Elevator Eyes is released via Declared Goods.

Live date:
  • 01/28 Brooklyn, NY @ Main Drag

» tuffsunshine.com

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