January 03, 2023

Secret Molecules: Secret Molecules

Secret Molecules: Secret Molecules

Dutch melodic trio Secret Molecules keep the melodic connection between pop and rock alive with their self-titled debut album. Otto van Gemert, Casper Rosenquist and Ton van der Kolk have been part of the scene in their hometown Dordrecht for longer than they care to remember, sharing a love for timeless vocal harmonies, inventive middle-eights, and catchy hooks.

Each track can stand on its own, telling a tale or describing a feeling of joy or unease within the space of three minutes or less. The slick '70s West Coast sound meets the slightly tougher UK variant that came to the fore in the early '80s, just before New Wave took over as the dominant popular genre. The upbeat Looking Out For Yourself and rocking Foreign Places have all the trappings to be handpicked by an indie film director looking for a tune to spice up a scene.

With guest musicians Eefje Mesker, Govert van der Kolm and Edwin in 't Veld adding extra colour and textures it will be next to impossible to replicate the sound on stage as a three-piece, but the material is strong enough to be transferred to a stripped down version. Recommended if you like Badfinger, Squeeze and fellow Dutchman Yorick van Norden.

Secret Molecules:
Otto van Gemert: guitars, lead vocals, percussion
Casper Rosenquist: drums and percussion
Ton van der Kolk: bass, guitars, keys, percussion
Guest musicians:
Eefje Mesker: backing vocals
Govert van der Kolm: Hammond organ
Edwin in 't Veld: guitars

Secret Molecules is a released via Sheephead Records. Buy it from their website.

  1. Your Heart So Close To Mine
  2. Letting Go Again
  3. Take Me To The Underground
  4. Don't Wanna Go Back
  5. Can You See Me Running
  6. Looking Out For Yourself
  7. Do You Know Me Truly
  8. Love Is Where I Stand
  9. On The TV Screen
  10. Break A Heart
  11. This Is Our Last Summer
  12. Tiger Blue
  13. Foreign Places
  14. Accidentally Meet
  15. Your Sunshine

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