January 22, 2023

Peter Hall: About Last Night

English musician Peter Hall offers a superb mix of art-rock and baroque-pop as a cure for heartbreak and other mishaps on his new album About Last Night. With top-shelf dynamics and a good ear for infectious melodies, he tries to lead the way back to the light. Sadly enough, the other party doesn't appear to be willing to give in to his pleas.

Trying to make amends with a prospective significant other who chooses to ignore songs like Nothing Happens and The Autumn Stone has been futile exercise so far, but it will strike chord with anyone who is going to the early stage of a breakup. Hall is looking for healing through his music, a self-prescribed cure without the nasty side-effects of booze or other means to cope.

Peter Hall: About Last Night

About Last Night is released via Subjangle (CD, digital).

  1. About Last Night
  2. In Plain Sight
  3. For Love
  4. Nothing Happens
  5. Waiting For Nothing
  6. Click Your Fingers
  7. I Went Home
  8. The Autumn Stone

» peterhallmusic.bandcamp.com

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