January 19, 2023

JSR: The Other Women

For quite a lot of women, it really sucks that their first name was used for a popular song. People will keep mentioning all the time, wondering aloud if their parents named them after said tune and even going as far as singing a bit of it too (quite badly most of the time). For ten of those affected, NYC musician John Dunbar wrote an alternative track for his new album The Other Women.

The horrendous Kiss Christine Sixteen was updated to Christine Sixty, who has aged quite well, but takes shit from nobody. Sweet Caroline is replaced by the way cool alternative Mean Caroline, and the Beach Boys' Help Me Ronda is now reimbursed for all her hard work when the singer offers to help her out instead. Pink Floyd's Emily is now longer playing. She has grown up is now and is working in an office, blissfully unaware of the crush one her co-workers has on her. Dunbar mostly navigates through '70s-tinged pop for his alternate versions, gravitating to rock for the frankly quite hilarious Sheena Is A Prog Rocker: "Sheena loves Genesis, but only until Peter Gabriel quits // Her friends don't understand, they all much prefer the later hits".

The album was supposed to be a project for his band The John Sally Ride, but his bandmates were dragging their feet, so he recorded it on his own and put it out under the JSR banner, an acronym he loathes, but as he explains it can also stand for "John's Solitary Ridiculousness", "John's Solo Release", or "John's Silly Reasoning". He is selling himself short with that. The Other Women is a bit fun for sure, but coming up with ten originals with no clunker among them is no joke, but hard work. He might consider adding "John's Superb Reinventions" to the list.

The Other Women is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Run Away Renee
  2. A Little Bit Of Rosie
  3. Christine Sixty
  4. Help You Ronda
  5. Mean Caroline
  6. All The Girls Hate Alice
  7. Go To Sleep Little Susie
  8. Sheena Is A Prog Rocker
  9. See Emily Work
  10. Alone Comes Mary

» The John Sally Ride on Bandcamp

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