January 18, 2023

Emm Gryner: "Burn the Boats" video

Yacht rock is not a genre that is associated with a making a statement, but that did not stop Canadian singer Emm Gryner for doing so. Burn the Boats tells the tale of the Aztec interpreter La Malinche, Dona Marina, a Nahua woman, who was a slave of the brutal conquistador Hernán Cortés. Changes are that the message of the song will be missed completely when it is played in the background in a bar where the regulars drinking their complicated coffee variations, while shooting the breeze about business opportunities and exchanging backhanded gossip. But hey, that's the fate of picking this particular kind of music.

It is a track from her forthcoming new album Business & Pleasure (Légère Recordings / High Wire Records / P-Vine Records / Bright Nightgown Music). The video was directed by Frank Gryner.

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