January 17, 2023

Heartworms: Retributions Of An Awful Life

London based singer Heartworms peddles a special kind of goth people can dance too on their single Retributions Of An Awful Life. The track peruses an unrelenting metronomic backbeat and harsh keyboards that brings back the sound of The Sisters of Mercy, but she has no trouble to rise above the din with crystal clear vocals to deliver her carefully worded message of doom and gloom. Post-punkers of all ages will love it.

It is a track from her debut EP, A Comforting Notion, scheduled for release on 23rd March 23rd via Speedy Wunderground (available for pre-order here). The B&W video was directed by Niall Trask, witjh all participants decked out in uniforms a nod to her fascination with military history. Visitors of The Royal Air Force Museum might run into her - she is a volunteer.

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