December 02, 2022

William William Rodgers: Four Nights at the Hotel Rodgers

William William Rodgers

English folk singer-songwriter William William Rodgers channels to the sound of the early '70 US West Coast pop on his new EP, Four Nights at the Hotel Rodgers. He added melancholy and humour, and ended up with four gentle songs about the "condition humaine", wherein people are trying to make it work, or at least make some sense of it all.

Booze, breakups, red tape, and other stumbling blocks getting in the way of living a happy life are covered in lush, orchestral arrangements, as to soften the blow of realizing that it all might be futile.

To celebrate the release Rodgers created a mockumentary, The Lost Tapes, about his made-up life in California. It will be shown just once at his show @ Pan-Pan Festival in Digbeth on December 10. He wil be performing with a 7-piece band.

William William Rodgers: vocals, guitar
Oliver Pyper: bass
Hamish Campbell-Legg: drums
Beth Bellis: violin
Robbie Fearon: sax
Becky Pickin: backing vocals

William William Rodgers: Four Nights at the Hotel Rodgers

Four Nights at the Hotel Rodgers is a self-released EP. Buy it from his website.

  1. You and Me and the Bottle Make Three
  2. Laurel Canyon 1972
  3. The Slippery Slide
  4. Love & Paperwork

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