December 22, 2022

Ward White: "Mezcal Moth" video

Watch the new Ward White video for Mezcal Moth, a track from his Ice Cream Chords album: "a worthy successor to an album that put him on the map after years of hard work. Sonically it is a treasure trove of smart hooks and intricate rhythm shifts. It might well be considered in years to come as part of the "Twin Peaks" in his discography". The clip was made by Heidi Adams.

White on how the song came together: "I just like the alliteration of the phrase, Mezcal Moth, and the image of this character locked in delusional conversation with a pickled pupa, on whom he pins all of his current misfortune; He's hiding in Mexico, contracted to do two shows a day, and he's barely holding it together. Political unrest is boiling over, and he hasn't penned a decent song in years. Never did trust that worm... ".


HCTF review of Ice Cream Chords.

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