December 20, 2022

The Chewers: Don't Dance

Nashville based avant-garde garage noise duo The Chewers go low-down dirty and funky on their new Don't Dance EP: five songs for people who are not likely to throw out a dance move, but can appreciate a tugging backbeat and swinging bass. They sing about pills, alcohol and other means to shut out the outside world. Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler know how to lock into a groove, only to break it down to fuck with their audience.

They are the perennial outsiders, snarling at the straights when they a chance, but lo and behold: they also can show compassion with a drunk dad trying to make amends with his kid in Cope Son. They can the piss at self-proclaimed superiority in O Self Absorbed, with a surprise cello part courtesy of Austin Hoke. All key elements of their signature sound can be found on the EP's final track. Another Place is a jagged piece, with spoken word (including a guest appearance by singer Ziona Riley, jangling guitar with lots of echo, and mangled percussion. The Chewers have managed to provide the soundtrack for a gathering of people who hate parties.

Don't Dance is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. In a Funk
  2. Don't Dance
  3. Cope Son
  4. O Self Absorbed
  5. Another Place

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