December 26, 2022

Adrian Belew: the Prog interview

Prog Magazine has published a fun interview with guitarist Adrian Belew. On the lessons he learned from playing with Frank Zappa:

He taught me how to play in odd time signatures. He said, “I don’t hardly play in 4/4, so you’re going to have to learn how to play in odd time signatures.” The way he explained odd time signatures to me – coming from a background as a drummer – made total sense to me; it was all about accents. That was a really important thing when I got into King Crimson. I don’t think I would ever been able to write the stuff necessary had I not learned it at that point.

Moreover, what I think I got from Frank was a truly, almost crash course in how to be a professional, world-class touring musician and recording artist: having your own business, putting out your own records, having a band; every little aspect of it. He took me through the mastering process once. We did a movie together and I saw how all of that stuff works. Every single day it was just one lesson after another but done in a fun way; he was hilarious! I always say I graduated from the School of Zappa.

His 25th solo album, elevator, is available here.


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