November 17, 2022

Môgô: Somersaulting Through Eternity

Môgô: Somersaulting Through Eternity

Dutch experimental musician Môgô goes for longform, ambient explorations on his new album, Somersaulting Through Eternity. The two side long tracks, Cycle I and Cycle II, are filled with drones, short noise outbursts, and gentle keyboards. Baronner's mixing skills are a guarantee for a captivating listening experience, with plenty of surprises like the dry percussion popping up in Cycle II or the pastoral coda that brings home Cycle I. People might even get up from their seats and head for the dancefloor, lured by a dreamy trance that brings avant-garde to the club scene. Imagine techno moving at glacier speed.

The album was recorded and mixed by Marc Baronner. He was the bass player of Kraak & Smaak and Junkie XL, so he is no stranger to smuggling in experimental elements into the more straightforward, popular stuff. Somersaulting Through Eternity will strike a chord with fans of LaMonte Young and the Theatre of Eternal Music.

Somersaulting Through Eternity is released via Ducktape Records (vinyl, digital).


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