November 04, 2022

HCTF premiere - Razorhouse: "Erase Your Face" video

Chicago based psychedelic blues band Razorhouse have made a brooding lyrics video for their new single, Erase Your Face. It is a song about the panic that sets in when you are the victim of online identity theft and trying to get in tech with the tech gigant to fix it - spoiler: said giant couldn't care less.

Band leader and songwriter Mark Panick had a front row seat when it happened to one of his family members and some of his friends who got scammed. Panick: "I think in the frustration it’s a human reaction at some point to push away from the table, to erase your face and float off into anonymity". He doesn't shout, but points his fingers at the data grabbing businesses who don't give a fuck about their users when the shit hits the fan.

It is a track from their forthcoming Scolds Bridle album, due for release in March 2023.

Mark Panick: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Curtis Ruptash: bass (BassKase, Peabody & Sherman
David Suycott: drums, synths (Robert Pollard, Stabbing Westward, Machines of Loving Grace)
Mark Coutts: guitar (Sport of Kings, Chac Mool)
Jeff Harris: guitar (Joy Thieves, The Human Element)

Erase Your Face will be released via Underwear Factory Toy Records on November 15th. Buy it from the band's website or iTunes.


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