November 11, 2022

Gunther's Grass: Ur

San Diego, CA based avant-garde trio Gunther’s Grass take it slow with Ur, an album with two post-rock drone excursions named after two hypothetical super continents that existed 3.1 billion year ago: Vaalbara and Ur. Primitive life forms already existed and they are depicted by stray notes and dry electronics crawaling on top of both tracks.

Listen closely to find out that the drones slowly evolve, hinting at progress and adapting to changing circumstances. The unitiated may want to try listening to the short excerpt of Vaalbara first, as a preparation for an immersive post-rock experience that comes crashing down like waves filmed in slow motion.

Gunther’s Grass:
Christopher Adler: khaen, piano
Marcelo Radulovich: hurdy gurdy, electronics
Scott Walton: contrabass, piano

Ur is released on Titicacaman Records (CD, digital).


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