October 02, 2022

Crossword Smiles: Pressed & Ironed

Crossword Smiles

After flying under the radar for a year or two, singer and guitarist Tom Curless, formerly of Your Gracious Host and currently enjoying solo success, and bass player Chip Saam have finally let the cat out of the bag and let the world hear the music of their duo Crossword Smiles. Their debut album Pressed & Ironed is a trip through memory lane, with a heavy focus on the early days of College Rock, an era where the guitar and vocals were competing for a place in the spotlights, meeting each other half way to create infectious melodies.

Both musicians have been part of the scene in Michigan for years. Curless made waves with Your Gracious Host and Saam is currently the bass player for The Hangabouts and Curless's backing band The 46%. They have spent many night in bars ,discussing the bands and the songs they like, culminating in the classic "'What if we did something together?" question. That's not unusual for musicians (or music lovers for that matter), but making a commitment to actually sit down and create, is something else. With Pressed & Ironed they have put their money where their mouth is.

Crossword Smiles: Pressed & Ironed

Pressed & Ironed is released via Big Stir Records (vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. Feet on the Ground
  2. This Little Town
  3. October Leaves
  4. Parallel Lines
  5. Where's the Sense
  6. Lotus
  7. Walk Softly
  8. The Girl with a Penchant for Yellow
  9. Second Guesser
  10. Take It on the Chin

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