October 13, 2022

Babaux and The Peacemakers: Lucky 13

Babaux and The Peacemakers

Babaux and The Peacemakers proof that is hard to beat playing live when recording roots music. Lucky 13 captures four musicians from the Colorado scene locking in as one in the Brightside Studio in Denver. Cristian Basso's gravelly voice is a perfect fit for melancholic storytelling. It his 13th album since he started out as a musician - hence the album's title and although the dreams of making it big are long gone, he knows that he is catering to a loyal audience that keeps him on the road.

Backed by Eric Martinez: guitar, Alana Velvis (drums) and Niek Velvis (bass) he sounds totally at ease. The open road is the one mistress he can't get away from. No matter the craving for settling down, he knows he will leave once more (Wide Open Horizon, Bye Bye To You). Basso has embraced his restlessnes as a given and he taps into it to write yet another soulful blues song.

Babaux and The Peacemakers: Lucky 13

Babaux and The Peacemakers :
Cristian Basso: vocals, dobro
Eric Martinez: guitar
Alana Velvis: drums
Niek Velvis: bass

Lucky 13 is released via Contra Basso Music. Buy it from their website (vinyl, CD, USB).

  1. Wide Open Horizon
  2. Blame It On Me
  3. Early Grave
  4. I’ve Been There Too
  5. Save Me From Myself
  6. Test Of Time
  7. Without The Medicine
  8. Bye Bye To You
  9. Grab Some
  10. When You Were
  11. Let The Rains Fall

Live date:
  • 11/11 KRFC Radio Broadcast "Live @ Lunch" 88.9FM Fort Collins, CO

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