September 27, 2022

Mint Biscuit: Mouth Like A Rocker; Mint: Leaving It Late (2022 reissue)

Richard Thomas goes for a rough-around-the-edges approach on Mouth Like A Rocker, the new album by his one-man project Mint Biscuit. His hard rock side comes to the fore in I'm A Big Metal Fan and the bluesy The Jaguine Article. Being the proud owner of a couple of cool axes - he used a Squier Jazzmaster, a Squier Jaguar, an Epiphone ES-339, and an Epiphone Les Paul, allowed to explore various moods and tunings. As for the album's title: it is a pun on his place of residence Cockermouth. And yes, he has heard all the lame jokes about that already.

Power chords sit comfortably next to single notes. Playing by intuition is not without risks - a tune can fall apart quite easily - but Thomas has a firm grip on when he wants to go. In this case a bit louder than his usual shtick, but it worked out quite well. He might be working his working to thrash metal or something equally challenging.

Mint Biscuit: Mouth Like A Rocker

Mouth Like A Rocker is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. I'm A Big Metal Fan
  2. Sprig Of Mint
  3. Washover
  4. Hellfire Corner
  5. Nightshades
  6. Moebius Strip
  7. The Jaguine Article
  8. Heavy Petting
  9. Is This Seriously A New Tune? (It Sounds Just Like The Others!)

Mint: Leaving It Late

Mint 2022 album reissue
Leaving It Late, an album from his former band Mint, has been given the reissue treatment. New running order, a bonus track from the socially distanced reunion album After Eight Mint, and a booklet. It is available here.


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