September 01, 2022

HCTF premiere - Matt Saxton: It's Only Now That I Know

English musician Matt Saxton has mastered the art of storytelling on his new album It's Only Now That I Know, a collection of brutally honest about his troubles, like the insomnia that has plagued him for years (Tonight). His marriage nearly ended, but he won her back, which he celebrated by writing Back to You with the great line "like a gold fish lost in the sea" in the coda. He has been suffering from the seasonal affective disorder (Winter syndrome), a disease that is not unlike being eyed by a scary Animal. On a side note: he used the demo vocals he recorded at home for this one, with a little help from his daughter Daisy. Trying to lay down a better take at Animal Farm Studios in London, where the album was recorded, did not amount to anything. Biggin Hill Blues is by far the darkest track, describing stumbling upon suicide notes when he was alone at home, being left to his own devices.

Despite the serious subject matter of the majority of the tracks, It's Only Now That I Know as a whole is an optimistic album. On the title track he takes a look at his younger self, a ballad with guitar and piano taking turns as the lead instrument, and manages to capture both the melancholy about lost youth and the wisdom that life has brought him since then as equal partners. It's Alright is a heartfelt letter to his wife. Finding love can be overwhelming and he can't believe his luck that he is no longer lonely and a little bit lost. He doesn't go for the grand gesture, carefully sidestepping all the pitfalls of the dreaded "power ballad".

It's not all so serious. Saxton has a sense of humour as well - Doomed From The Start is about the "carpe diem" mentality of one of his dogs, a creature who has no clue that it will all end. The album's closer Souls serves as a cathartic summation of his current state of mind. There will be trouble ahead, but he has a handle on how to face it, and he won't be alone to do so.

Matt Saxton: vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, keyboards
Daisy Saxton: backing vocals on "Animal"
Ville Leppanen: electric guitar bass guitar
Mat Leppanen: drums, keyboards

Matt Saxton: It's Only Now That I Know

It's Only Now That I Know is a self-released album. Buy it from his website. Release date: September 2.

  1. Tonight
  2. Animal
  3. It's Only Now That I Know
  4. It's Alright
  5. Back To You
  6. Biggin Hill Blues
  7. Doomed From The Start
  8. Souls


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