September 23, 2022

GDVRDGDVR: Songs in the Key of GDVRDGDVR

photo: Tjeerd Derkink

Singer and guitarist Harmen Kuiper (The Slow Clock) switched to bass and teamed with drummer Hester den Boer to make crunchy post-punk as a duo called GDVRDGDVR (goddamngoddamn). Their debut album Songs in the Key of GDVRDGDVR combines the sound of the Pixies, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr, stripped down to the bare essentials. It is a spicey collection of in-your-face garage rock that is catchy as Hell, which keeps going for 16 tracks in a row.

It is ramshackle at times, especially when they play fast (Roughle, Hammer), and straying off pitch is part of the equation, but this kind of fuzzy, scuzzy DIY music (Sentimental Reasons) proofs that there is still room for off-kilter melodies (Handout, I Know U Know) in the underground scene. And they have a sense of humour as well: the final track is called Intermezzo. Recommended if you like Little Foot Long Foot and Blood Red Shoes.

GDVRDGDVR: Songs in the Key of GDVRDGDVR

Songs in the Key of GDVRDGDVR is released on vinyl via Urusai Records.

  1. The Fifth Handshake
  2. Roughle
  3. Several Ways
  4. Handout
  5. Sentimental Reasons
  6. I Know U Know
  7. Hammer
  8. Bonafide
  9. Seventeen Hits
  10. Gimmemoney
  11. No Heart
  12. All U Do
  13. Drop of a Dime
  14. Whatever
  15. Headstone
  16. Intermezzo

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