October 26, 2022

Cozy Slippers: Cozy Slippers

Cozy Slippers

Seattle based jangling, indie rock trio Cozy Slippers bring back the swing of the Paisley Underground on their self-titled debut album. Their music offers them a welcome break from their day jobs - Barbara Barrilleaux is a strategic advisor for the Brooks Running, Sara Engel is a senior at FinancialForce, and Steven Skelton is an estate planner and tax attorney, all positions that are a far cry from exactly rock 'n' roll, but they won't get screwed by the music industry.

A sense of melancholy is present in most of the tracks. They fully realize that shit will happen, no matter what (I Can't Keep You Safe) and the anxiety that popped up in their teenage years is still there (Nobody Knows Me, Anyhow, Bee Sting). Holding on to their loved ones offers some respite (Be Alone With Me) and of course this being a Seattle band they sing about rain (No Room For the Sun). It is tempting to label this album as an escapist mid-life effort, but there is nothing wrong with chasing your dreams.

 Cozy Slippers: Cozy Slippers

Cozy Slippers is released via Kleine Underground Schallplatten (vinyl) and Subjangle (CD).

  1. Haunting Her
  2. When Will When Come?
  3. Unattended
  4. Nobody Knows Me, Anyhow
  5. I Can't Keep You Safe
  6. Underneath Us All the Time
  7. Remi
  8. Boat House
  9. Bee Sting
  10. No Room For the Sun
  11. Be Alone With Me
  12. First a Girl

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  1. The female REM? I really like this! Melodic, tuneful, bright and breezy. Authentic Americana. Great harmonies and chiming guitars.

  2. Also reminds me of Nada Surf. Really, really good! I might make this the first CD of my CD collection, mark2!