August 23, 2022

The League of Assholes: A Really Futile And Stupid Gesture

The League of Assholes: A Really Futile And Stupid Gesture

The League of Assholes have been releasing uncompromising, politically charged avant-garde pieces for a couple of years now. Their latest is called A Really Futile And Stupid Gesture, a wild ride through free jazz, funk, musique concrète and noise that lasts over half an hour. It is an intense, in-your-face and there is also a lot of screaming going on (which should help to drown out the complaints of the neighbours when it comes howling from the speakers. It is a hissing monster of a track, wherein - among many other things - a decidedly pissed off vocalist makes it clear that he does want to get away from it all and live in a log cabin, as the world around him is going up in flames.

The musicians are all clamouring for a place in the spotlights, but somehow Marcelo Radulovich has managed again to make sense of the ensuing madness when he mixed the track. And he is the log cabin guy as well. He did not want to pass up on the opportunity to channel his hero Captain Beefheart. A Really Futile And Stupid Gesture will clear the room of any square stragglers at a party. Those who can handle it will crack a crooked smile and congratulate each other for their stamina and open ears.

Christopher Adler: Korean bells
Abel Ashes: harmonica
Dylan Lee Brown: electronic percussion
James Call: layered screams, excerpted Purple Hand
Dave DeFilippo: coupled oscillator systems
Thomas Dimuzio: live sampling & feedback, Buchla 200
Cathleen Hall: pissed off woman
Chet Harrison: electric violin
Jeff Kaiser: trumpet
Alan MacKillop: guitar
Charles Maynes: piano, synth
William Poschman: guitar
Marcelo Radulovich: hurdy gurdy, guitar, voice, sampling/electronics, percussion, bass, mix master Radul
Bill Ray: drums
Nicholas P Roth III: processed alto saxophone
Scott Michael Sayre: piano, field recordings, trombone
Bart Stull: guitar, electronics
Gabriel Sundy: saxophone
Scott Walton: inside a piano
FM Watson: Ebow over fretless guitar under various FX
David Ybarra: bass, drum machine

A Really Futile And Stupid Gesture is released on Titicacaman Records. Free download from Bandcamp.


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