August 16, 2022

Nick Frater: Aerodrome Motel

Nick Frater

If you happened to run into English multi-instrumentalist Nick Frater puttering around in the aisles of a supermarket, singing into his smartphone, changes are you have overheard bits and pieces of one of the songs that ended up on his new album Aerodrome Motel. He loves to stack layers of instrumentation on his power-pop tinged material, but his voice comes first on this fresh batch of observations.

Frater positions himself as a fly-on-the-wall outsider - the soldier returning home in No Hard Feelings - a sociologist deciphering toilet graffiti in Rough & Tumble, as well as a critic of modern day society, where the debate has given way to shouting at each other from the deceptive safety of algorithm enhanced viewpoints (Dear Modern Times).

While this all sounds serious and a bit heavy-handed, the music is decidedly joyous and upbeat, taking off the edge even when he is namechecking people who have left the planet in Dancing With A Gertrude. Add his knack coming up with infectious melodies and your stay at the Aerodrome Motel will surely be a pleasant one.

Nick Frater: Aerodrome Motel

Aerodrome Motel will be released on August 19 via Big Stir Records (CD, digital).

  1. The Pleasure Is Mine
  2. Love Heist
  3. Stuck In My Ways
  4. Aerodrome Motel
  5. No Hard Feelings
  6. Rough & Tumble
  7. Dear Modern Times
  8. Dancing With A Gertrude
  9. American Expressways
  10. White Courtesy Telephone


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