August 01, 2022

Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls: tour dates; "The Devil" live video

English old school blues trio Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls will travel East for three shows in Budapest. Up next are shows in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK. Expect lots of tracks from their latest album Voodoo Bones & Vaudeville Blues: "Tongue firmly-in-cheek they provide a full set of old school entertainment, a sideshow where vaudeville, blues and skiffle conspire to get their audiences to dance their asses of. Singer Jo Carley is a powerhouse who can holler and whisper, with multi-instrumentalist Tim Carley and bass player James Le Huray pushing her to give it her all. Bigots will wave their fingers at this kind of music, but anyone with a mind of their own can't help but love this".

They recorded a live version of one the album's tracks, The Devil, at Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, Walthamstow in London.

Live dates:
  • 08/19 Szent István Nap 2022 - Budapest, Hungary
  • 08/20 Szent István Nap 2022 - Budapest, Hungary
  • 08/21 Szent István Nap 2022 - Budapest, Hungary
  • 08/24 De Floeren Aap (Summer Outdoor Show) - Mechelen, Belgium
  • 08/25 Golittlesong @ Zum Schwan - Dillenburg, Germany
  • 08/26 Stadsherberg Helsdeur - Den Helder, Netherlands
  • 08/27 Kulturwerkstatt hinter Alberts Huus - Bremerhaven, Germany
  • 09/09 The Ill Repute - Bristol, UK
  • 09/10 Mid Wales Rhythm and Blues Club @ The Muse – Brecon, UK
  • 11/11 The Reindeer Norwich - Norwich, UK
  • 11/13 Hallelujah Blues Festival - Hartlepool, UK


HCTF review of Voodoo Bones & Vaudeville Blues.

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