August 11, 2022

Ex Norwegian: Spook Du Jour

Ex Norwegian

Roger Houdaille is never out of ideas for another record by his Miami based neo-psychedelic power pop project Ex Norwegian. Spook Du Jour is his 13th album, a musical journey touching base with a wealth of genres. There is the swagger of glam rock, a nod to the accessible branch of Krautrock, and alternative and straight up rawk playing catch. Carefully sequenced it is basically like tuning into a radio show that offers half an hour of goodies that sound both familiar and fresh.

He treats synths and guitar as equal partners, picks his effects like a kid in a candy store, while never letting the groove getting out of his sight. As a producer Houdaille knows his fair share about dynamics and clarity. When he pushes the fuzz pedal he somehow manages to make it sound jubilant. Picking songs to highlight from this an embarrassment of riches is next to impossible. All killer, no filler.

Ex Norwegian: Spook Du Jour

Spook Du Jour is released via Think Like A Key Music (CD, digital). Vinyl lovers can pre-order it here.

  1. Teen Bakery
  2. Vicious Cycles
  3. Ciancia
  4. Burn It
  5. Airlash
  6. Thot Patrol
  7. Paging Lisa
  8. Crazy Paving
  9. Fresh ATM
  10. For Your Conveniences
  11. Save For No Future
  12. Center Mario


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